The 101 on Soapstone Countertops

If you are figuring out what to do to your kitchen to update the look and style, then you may want to consider swapping out to soapstone countertops. Soapstone countertops are not only pretty awesome but they are also quite durable and they are maintenance free as well. So if this sounds interesting to you, then you will most definitely want to continue reading this informational article.

The material that is used to create soapstone countertops is called steatite and this is actually from a metamorphic rock. This material is non-porous and it provides the best medium for kitchen countertops because it will not absorb the liquids from the foods and other items in the kitchen. So this is great because it will not stain overtime and it will maintain its beautiful appearance for as long as you have it.

Soapstone countertops also have quite a few different amazing qualities to consider as well, such as its pretty unique thermal properties. Soapstone is basically immune to heat and put a hot pan or a hot pot on the soapstone will not damage it. Because of this property, soapstone is used for a number of different applications such as grills, oven interiors, laboratory counters, and much more.

A big reason why a lot of people are interested in soapstone countertops is because it is so easy to maintain. The only maintenance you will need to do to the countertops is basically just putting some mineral oil on a rag and wiping it down from time to time, just to keep it clean. And you can actually reuse the same rag over and over again, just seal it up in a zip lock bag when you are finished allowing you to maintain the beauty of your soapstone countertops literally forever. Also, if you like the countertops to have a dark color then routinely using the oil on the countertops will result in a deep black color on the countertops, which can be pretty cool depending on your style.

Scratches on the soapstone countertops can happen during heavy use though. However, you can fix this by sanding it down using 120-grit sandpaper and then going over it with a 220 grit sand paper along with some water. Then rub some more mineral oil onto the soapstone countertops, wait several hours and then rub in some more mineral oil. You may have to do this over a few days but eventually all of the scratches will be fixed without a doubt.

So that is the basics on soapstone countertops and if you want to learn more, there is a ton of information out on the internet you may use. This material is pretty unique but it may be the exact thing you need for your kitchen.