Resodding Your Lawn: Which Grass To Choose?

resodding your lawnWe’ve gone over the basics of resodding and now we are ready to choose your sod and get busy laying it down.

So what are your options?

Most yards in South Florida consist of Floritam grass—although Palmetto grass is used as well.  So what is the difference?  Simple—Palmetto grass thrives in shady areas, while Floritam is the better choice for direct sunlight. The rule of thumb that I use is 40%… if the grass is going to be in the shade more than 40% of the day, I recommend Palmetto grass.  Otherwise, I recommend Floritam to my clients.  Another important detail is that when Palmetto grass is soaked, it is more prone to fungal growths than Floritam— so if you are laying Palmetto grass in an area that is often flooded, you need to watch for signs of fungus.

Once you have selected your grass and purchased the sod, it’s finally time to lay it.  You want to lay the squares side by side—don’t leave gaps, but don’t squish it together, either. Once you have laid it all out, avoid walking on it as much as possible.  The grass is forming delicate roots at this point, and walking on it can tear them out.  You want to water the sod twice a day for 10 days to two weeks.  By then, your resodded yard should be as good as new.